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7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM Hobby Pro and v19-v21 . . . A Beginner's Guide7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM Hobby Pro and v19-v21 . . . A Beginner's GuideThe Best selling, easiest to understand book ever written on BobCAD Hobby Pro and versions 19 through 21.
7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM Hobby Pro and v19-v21 . . . A Beginner's Guide
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7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM . . .A Beginner's Guide   

Simply the BEST book ever written on BobCAD/CAM  Hobby Pro (HobbyPro) and versions v19-v21

OVER 2,100 COPIES SOLD (not Including E Book)

Save 55%  Buy direct from the publisher for only 24.97!

  • When you think about your BobCAD/CAM investment, does it hurt? 
  • Do you wish you could be more productive with BobCAD/CAM? 
  • Have you found you need a useful How-to manual? 


7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM . . . A Beginner's Guide may be the inexpensive solution you have been waiting for! 

Why This Book?
Table Of Contents
10 Minute Tour
This unique book takes you from learning the menus, through a series of organized steps to draw and machine a part.

After reading this book, you will be more efficient, more confident and more productive using BobCAD/CAM.  You will learn more than just a list of features. You will learn: 

  • The 7 Steps to proper organization and planning to simplify NC programmingwith BobCAD/CAM. 
  • How to move and orient the User Coordinate System (UCS) to simplify drawing and NC programming. 
  • How to avoid and/or work around a bug in BobCAD/CAM's User Coordinate System. 
  • How to use and name layers to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to create NC / G code. 
  • How to face, drill, mill, pocket, machine text with minimum effort. 
  • How to set up Tool Libraries for organizing all your tools so you have the tool you need, when you need it, with all the preset speeds and feeds.
  •  How to effectively move between 2D and 3D modes methods to simplify your NC programming tasks. 

There is so much more in this book. Check out these chapters - Free of charge.

Why This Book?
Table Of Contents
10 Minute Tour

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Try my book 7 Easy Steps to BobCAD/CAM . . .A Beginner's Guide for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, just return the book, undamaged and you will be sent a full refund. It's that simple, no questions asked.                    

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Don't wait any longer!  Order your copy(s) of 7 Easy Steps toBobCAD/CAM . . . A Beginner's Guide. 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
LQTnydMBmPGovyRJpwAHi I have a CNC with a Centroid cletroolnr. I was wonderif anyone here would know of a good cad/cam program? I've checked out bobcad, but I'm pretty leary of them. They seem to be very desperate to sell them and they move there prices around and I just don't like that. I would consider them, but I don't know anyone who has used them. If anyone has used them and likes them please tell me and let me know of any cad cam programs that are worth looking into that are for a 3 axi's cnc mill. Thanks Written by Kazi on Wed 29 Feb 2012 7:05:50 PM GMT
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