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7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide - The introductory CNC programming book used by trade schools, on-line schools and colleges around the country. OVER 6,000 COPIES SOLD to colleges, trade schools and individuals around the world. "A great book that simplifies the task of learning CNC programming . . ."
7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide
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7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide -  The introductory CNC programming book used by trade schools, on-line schools and colleges around the country.

OVER 6,500 COPIES SOLD (not Including E Book)

Save 50%! Buy direct from the publisher for only $19.97!

Introducing a new book that simplifies the task of learning CNC programming. From this step-by-step guide you will learn:

  • CNC Machine G & M codes CNC Machine coordinate systems 
  • The syntax of the CNC programming language 
  • About CNC Machine positioning and interpolation 
  • CNC Machine use of Cartesian/Rectangular coordinates 
  • How to program the most common CNC Machine canned cycles 


From the desk of the author.

Dear Colleague, Enclosed you will find information on the quickest and easiest method ever developed for learning CNC programming. I can also tell you from years of experience as a Manager/Supervisor of CNC departments that these simple concepts, when presented correctly, can be learned by anyone.

For Manufacturers interested in safeguarding the future of their business and for Managers/Supervisors interested in improving the quality of their work force, these proven methods are for you. But first, let's dispel some myths:

MYTH #1 - It costs a lot of money to learn CNC programming. In the past, your choices were to spend thousands of dollars to send individuals to specialized CNC training programs. Or, you could have spent hundreds of dollars to purchase video or CD-ROM based training programs. BUT NOW, for a fraction of those costs, your key personnel can learn the CNC basics from my book 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide.

MYTH #2 - It takes a lot of time away from the company to learn CNC programming. Often the inconvenience of sending key personnel away for training is more troublesome than the actual expenses involved. BUT NOW your important staff members can learn the concepts of CNC programming without leaving your facility.

7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide provides you with a self-paced, self-directed approach to learning CNC programming concepts.

MYTH #3 - It is difficult to learn CNC programming. As with any technical subject, instruction methods are usually developed by design engineers who often teach over the heads of their audience. BUT NOW these seemingly complex programming concepts have been demystified in the 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide. By using everyday examples and layman's terminology, learning CNC programming has never been easier.

MYTH #4 - Only CNC programmers and operators need to understand the concepts of CNC programming. In the past it did not seem necessary for managers, supervisors or engineers to understand the concepts of CNC programming. BUT NOW increasing competition, shrinking margins and high employee turnover demands that people communicate more effectively between disciplines. 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's Guide makes it possible for everyone, regardless of their primary job assignment, to understand CNC programming concepts.

7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginners Guide is a manual specifically created for beginning programmers, engineers, supervisors and other personnel that support CNC operations. This easy to understand learning aid was designed to maximize the readers retention. It features:

  • 8 ½" by 11" single sided pages with generous amounts of white space for jotting down important notes. 
  • Numerous self-evaluation tests so readers can assess their progress. 
  • A detailed table of contents for simple navigation and reference. 
  • A detailed index that references all CNC commands discussed. 
  • Spiral binding so it lays flat on any surface for convenient reading and note taking. 
  • Dozens of illustrations and examples to clarify complex concepts. 
  • Most common CNC control codes covering a majority of CNC controls. 
  • Utilizes every day non-technical examples to explain otherwise complex subjects. 
  • Provides the necessary steps and instructions to go from a blueprint to a completed CNC program. 

Why is it important for your employees to understand CNC programming?

Consider the following:

  • Engineers can more easily design for manufacture. 
  • Supervisors can be of greater support to operators. 
  • Managers/Supervisors can more reliably measure the quality of CNC programs.  
  • Programmers using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems can more reliably desk check programs before sending them to the shop. 
  •  Managers/Supervisors can feel more confident when discussing CNC related issues. 
  • Managers/Supervisors can garner more respect from CNC operators and programmers. Well trained operators increase efficiency and profitability. 
  •  Well trained operators can more easily spot programming errors. 
  •  Well trained operators are less likely to scrap parts. 
  • Well trained operators are less likely to have crashes and suffer personal injury. 

About the Author

In the mid 1970's I started working as a lathe operator in a small machine shop. Within a couple of months, I found myself operating a Warner and Swasey 1-SC NC tape lathe.

It did not take me long to see where the future of machining was going. I studied every NC program I could get my hands on and asked a lot of questions. Within a few months our NC programmer had quit and I was the only one left capable of programming the lathe.

It has been 30+ years since I first taught my self NC programming. In that time I have attended over 450 hours of specialized trainings involving NC/CNC/CAM programming.

In 1984 I developed and presented a CNC programming course called The Fundamentals of CNC programming. Using these materials I provided contract training services for a large machine tool reseller in Denver CO. From the early 1980's on I moved from CNC programmer to Department Supervisor to Operations Manager of small machine shops.

During this time I completed my BS/BA Degree in Business Administration and Computer Sciences and an MBA in Technology Management.

Recently, I was the CAM Systems Administrator for a midsize turbo machinery manufacturer in Western Pennsylvania. In this position I was responsible for communicating effectively with CNC machine operators, CAM programmers, engineers, supervisors, and all levels of management. I have found that the more I can get these people to understand the concepts of CNC programming, the greater the inter-departmental understanding and the smoother the operations of the company.

For a while I had the pleasure if being Operations Manager for EssentiaLink, a fast growing company that is the Supply Chain Solution for companies of all sizes. Knowing CNC machines and CNC programming has served me well as I worked with supervisors, managers and operators to find the appropriate supplies they need to run their shops.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Try my book 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming...A Beginner's Guide for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, just return the book, undamaged and you will be sent a full refund. It's that simple, no questions asked. Don't wait any longer to advance your career! Order your copy(s) of 7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming . . . A Beginner's guide. ---------------------------------

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