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GD&T Video Training 1 month unlimited access
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How are you going to get a better manufacturing job if you don't understand Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Large, high paying manufacturers expect their engineers and production staff to have a working knowledge of GD&T. Now you can get the GD&T background you need without having to wait for on-the-job training.  

Fortunately the concepts of GD&T are intuitive and a working knowledge is failry easy to learn right from your own computer.

Haydenpub is now an i GET IT Reseller
 providing world class video training for manufacturing professionals.  For only $39 USD you get unlimited access to the best GD&T video training available.  

By signing up for one month of unlimited GD&T Training for only $39 USD you also get unlimited access to AutoCAD, NX, SOLID EDGE, Solid Works, CATIA v5 and V6 Video training. 


The program begins with a bit of the history of GD&T, then we look at the cost of designing and manufacturing a part. We will compare the “old” methods of dimensioning and Tolerancing to the Y14.5M approach. In this analysis, we will demonstrate the strengths and advantages of GD&T as a design tool, as a manufacturing aid, as a purchasing (estimator) aid, and as an overall communications facilitating tool. We incorporate many practical exercises to enhance learning, and to increase confidence.


A working understanding of technical drawings (perspectives, sections, details, etc.). GD&T Overview and Print Reading suggested.

Intended Audience:

This program is designed for anyone who designs, drafts, engineers, purchases, manufactures, estimates, or inspects parts and assemblies. Particular emphasis is placed on those who design and manufacture, and those responsible for quality.
Duration (hrs):  14
Skill Level: Appropriate for All

Fundamentals of GD&T course outline
Chapter 1 
1 Introduction to GD&T
2 Rule #1
3 Why and When GD&T
4 Advantages of Symbols
 Chapter 2
5 Geometric Characteristics
6 Sample Drawing without GD&T
7 Sample Drawing with GD&T
8 Completing the Drawing
Chapter 3
9 Features & Basic Dimensions
10 Three Big Concepts
Chapter 4
11 Maximum Material Condition
12 Least Material Condition
13 Regardless of Feature Size
Chapter 5
15 MMC Virtual Condition
16 Features Control Frames
Chapter 6
17 General Rules
 Chapter 7
18 Datum Theory
Chapter 8
19 Degrees of Freedom Part 1
20 Degrees of Freedom Part 2
21 Datum Reference Frames
22 Custom Datum Reference Frames
23 Drafting the Datum Feature Symbols
24 Design Datums to Datum Features
25 Datum Selection Exercise
Chapter 9
26 Position Tolerance
27 Three Big Concepts Review
Chapter 10
28 Surface Straightness
29 Derived Median Line Straightness
Chapter 11
30 Flatness
31 Circularity
32 Cylindricity
Chapter 12
33 Perpendicularity
34 Angularity
35 Parallelism
Chapter 13
36 Profile
37 Un-Equal Profile
Chapter 14
38 Circular Runout
39 Total Runout
Chapter 15
40 Concentricity
41 Symmetry
Chapter 16
42 Fundamentals of GD&T Review

Advanced GD&T course outline
1 Introduction to Advanced GD&T
2 Rule #1 Review
3 Exception to Rule #1
4 Read Feature Control Frame
5 General GD&T Application Review
6 Simultaneous Requirements
7 Features & Symbols
8 MMB and LMB
9 MMC and MMB
10 LMC and LMB
11 RFS and RMB
12 Virtual and Resultant Condition
13 Actual Mating Envelopes
14 Datum Terminology Review
15 Degrees of Freedom
16 Can May Must
17 Datum Reference Frame Mobility (Shift)
18 Can May Must Examples
19 DRF Recommendations
20 MMB Calculations
21 Patterns of Features as Datum Features
22 Coxia Datums
23 Rotation Constraints
24 Rotation Constraints with Translation Modifiers
25 Opposed Plane Datum Feature
26 Offset Plane Datum Feature
27 Irregular Features of Size as Datum Features
28 Measuring Examples
29 Flexible Parts
30 Custom DRF
31 Movable Targets
32 Floating & Fixed Fasteners
33 AGI’s Geometric Design Process
34 Design Process Solutions
35 Design Process Part 2
36 Minimum Wall Exercise
37 Extended Principles of Position
38 Projected Tolerance Zones
39 Composite and Multi-Segment Position
40 Composite and Multi-Segment Profile
41 Boundary Position
42 Closing for Advanced GD&T

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